At Betts & Associates we take pride in our professionalism.  Over thirty years of experience and with our law enforcement knowledge we are able to coordinate with Local Law Enforcement, State Law Enforcement and Federal Law enforcement agencies.  We bring the ability to coordinate law enforcement interests with our bail bond clients' interest.  This makes us not only more successful at returning defendants to custody but also minimizes our clients liability.  Betts & Associates has pioneered many of the techniques now used in the bail recovery business.  Payphones to pagers, to cell phones, to smartphones, to computer forensics, to social media and to basic ground work like garbage pickup, surveillance and tailing Betts & Associates uses all the tools in their kit.  Our goal is to exonerate your bond forfeitures using all the techniques available to us including submitting the correct paperwork in a timely manor.  To get the job done right call us now.


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